My name is Molly! I'm a bilingual voice actress currently based in Texas, equipped with an ADR-capable home studio. I caught the acting bug a little bit later in life (after an entire nursing degree!) but we're still here and we're still going!

For business inquiries, please contact 📧:

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  • Recording: 3'x4' Acoustically treated custom booth

  • Mic: Neumann TLM 103

  • Interface: UA Apollo Twin MKII DUO

  • DAW: Mac + Adobe Audition

  • Connectivity: Source Connect Standard + Now, Skype, Zoom, Discord, etc.

  • Additional: Hardwired ethernet, ADR capable, RX9

SMITEMulanHi-Rez Studios
My Time at PortiaPennyPathea Games
Dark DeityMaeveSword & Axe LLC
Kraken Academy!!Simona, PierreHappy Broccoli Games
Please Be HappyLenaStudio Élan
MidautumnWenyeTeam Midautumn
Girls OverboardCoraleenAGL Studios
Bistro DaysLilyDrunk Bunny Games
Silver:LineXiu YingCodeV Productions
Chasing the StarsZoeErtal Games
Into the HoopSadako MaedaReading Cow Studio
January Edwards: PIAveryAmesyFlo
Through the PanelsMs. WuSTARDUST★SODA
Tokyo Re:ConnectAyumi KomariKoneko Studios
Adachi and ShimamuraAdditional VoicesFUNimation
Titan's BrideAdditional VoicesAscendant Animation
Trouble in Little AsiaAdeline HuangCiawtuh Productions

For business or any other inquiries, you can reach me at or via the contact form below!

For developers interested in incorporating some voice acting in their game jams - I have created the following voice packs for your perusal! They are entirely free to use for non-profit purposes, but I request that you please abide by the following:


  • These voice packs are intended for productions that will be free, entries for video game jams, etc.

  • All voice packs are under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) License.

  • You may share, copy, redistribute in any non-profit medium or format.

  • Voice packs are not allowed to be used in any works intended to carry prejudiced (including racist, sexist, homophobic, or other exclusionary beliefs) messages.

Path of the Midnight SunCattleyaStudio Daimon
Lovely ComAdditional VoicesDis
Dino WSS
Student AYoung JChel
Private Coaching: Mick Wingert, Morgan Berry
Anime/ADR: Wendee Lee, Amber Lee Connors, Mami Okada
Commercial: Tania Possik
Video Games: Chris Hackney, Mick Wingbert, Ivy Isenberg
Improv: Kathleen Puls Andrade
Private Coaching - Mick Wingert, Morgan Berry
Animation & Gaming Workshop - Mick Wingbert
Anime and Video Games - Chris Hackney
Anime & ADR Intensive - Wendee Lee
Anime VO - Mami Okada
Anime Class - Amber Lee Connors